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Water Fountain Designs For Home Landscape

Water Fountain Designs For Home Landscape

Fountains are always beautiful pieces if you are lucky enough to have an outdoor area in the front or back.

Fountains can work because they can be an actual source of water, but in most cases they are more decorative than anything else. They are usually made of a kind of stone in vintage style and are a symbol of life, since the protruding water creates the image of movement.

Some fountains are true centerpieces of a garden or back yard, others are built into walls or fences as if they were embedded there. Sometimes they are even combined with natural looking swimming pools so that they look like waterfalls.

Wells are definitely something you can enjoy in warmer times, but they still make sense in winter, as we want to show you.

Browse our Great Water Fountain designs for the home landscape and we are sure you will build yours in no time!

Landscaping stacked stone water fountain

Landscaping stacked stone water fountain.

This pool-style fountain has a unique appearance thanks to its shape and textured surface. It was installed seamlessly on the floor between the gravel so that the water seems to protrude directly from the earth itself. about angiethefreckledrose

DIY urn fountain

DIY urn fountain.

This urn fountain has a shape similar to that of the pool, but differs by its smooth, but slightly contaminated surface. It was installed on a tray filled with pebbles between the garden plants so that they could also benefit from this decorative element. about bhg

DIY Stacked Rocks water feature

DIY Stacked Rocks water feature.

This water feature definitely looks really unique as it consists of a few stacked stone pillars built between some garden pebbles. In order to achieve this, you have to plan both your sanitary and your support system just right, because these pillars are not only immobile. via Yahoo

Concrete leaf water fountain

Concrete leaf water fountain.

Here is another beautiful decorative fountain that you can easily replicate. You need a large real or fake sheet as a template or cast, and some cement that you pour and shape over it to make your end product look realistic. After it dries, all you have to do is fix it upright on the floor and let the water flow. about Garden stew

DIY two-tier water fountain

DIY two-tier water fountain.

Here is something that resembles a traditional fountain. The two layers consist of stacked ceramic planters filled with pebbles and connected by the installation system. The water just looks beautiful. about lowes

Teapot and wooden barrel water fountain

Teapot and wooden barrel water fountain.

This is one of those classic shower-like fountain projects that hang a teapot or watering can and let the water rain. In this case, on the other side of the plumbing and support system is a barrel with a bowl that catches the water at the top, so you can probably reuse the water in the surrounding garden. about Home Talk

DIY water fountains with a small pond

DIY water fountains with a small pond.

This is great landscaping as a pond was built in the garden and then surrounded by stone to create both a clean edge and a fountain that helps renew the water in this little oasis. about Family workers

Table water game made from recycled glass

Table water game made from recycled glass.

Here is a fountain that fits directly into the garden. It was made from a misused table that was covered or painted to look like grass and was supported upright to serve as the background for this piece. about klru

DIY overflow pot water feature

DIY overflow pot water feature.

This fountain is really perfect in a simple way. It is a vase or a basin in a kind of small pond with a lot of green on the bottom, so that the water protrudes beautifully from above and flows down to the pond. about Tallclover farm

Terracotta urn fountain

Terracotta urn fountain.

This beautiful ribbed terracotta urn creates an equally beautiful garden fountain. It looks absolutely fantastic when the water sticks out between the flowers and the wall in the background. about Inspirationsbyd

DIY stone fountain

DIY stone fountain.

This dark rock fountain is absolutely beautiful and unique. It was built from the ground with natural, uneven stones that were equally stacked unevenly. The single jet of water that comes down is also quite original for fountains. about Instructables

Waterfall fountain with pond and stone

Waterfall fountain with pond and stone.

Here is a real oasis in the middle of the garden of your house. The large stone structures support the beautiful waterfalls that rain in the pond and become one there. The surrounding plants and flowers make this really magical. about Top dreamers

DIY bubble fountain in a pot

DIY bubble fountain in a pot.

Here is one of the cases where a fountain looks deceptively simple. This bladder may look like it's just two different sized pots, a thin rope and hose, but there's a complex plumbing and support system inside. So don't be fooled by its elegant look. about scattered thoughts of the plant symptom

DIY wheelbarrow waterfall

DIY wheelbarrow waterfall.

Using a wheelbarrow as a fountain may sound strange, but it is indeed a brilliant idea since the water can really flow and fall. This was installed between garden rocks, some of which were placed on the cart itself, giving the whole piece a seamless look. about capscreations

DIY outdoor waterfall

DIY outdoor waterfall.

This outdoor display is really beautiful and different because it is in a frame that is leaning against the wall and has pebbles at the bottom, much like an aquarium. The water falls from several places on the underside of the top edge into a kind of box on the bottom, which creates this wonderful effect. about interiorfrugalista

DIY Buried Bubbler drying fountain

DIY Buried Bubbler drying fountain.

This fountain was literally buried in the garden and then built layer by layer until the end product was reached: a round room covered with pebbles with a small fountain that sprays water from the center. about goodshomedesign

Strawberry pot turned fountain

Strawberry pot turned fountain.

This fountain looks really cool because the pot not only has a color scheme, but also a design that allows this fountain to have different water sprays all around instead of just spilling from above.

Bowling Ball Garden water feature

Bowling Ball Garden water feature.

Not many people would have thought that water spraying from the top of a bowling ball could make a nice fountain, but here it is. The desperate looking ball was supported on a white bucket of pebbles, which not only gives it a certain height, but also hides the water pipes necessary for this fountain to work. about Instructables

DIY water fountain from flower pots

DIY water fountain from flower pots.

Here is another traditional looking fountain that was made in a non-traditional way. The graded design was achieved with three identical stone plant pots of different sizes, all of which were filled with pebbles and then stacked. The water splashes from the middle of the upper pot and forms the actual fountain. about interiorfrugalista

Bamboo fountain

Bamboo fountain.

This fountain is a little different in that it was made from a large pool with stones and plants on the bottom, but then a big bamboo pipe was supported on the edge with the help of long matching sticks, and that's where the water actually comes out. about Safafect

Wine barrel water fountain

Wine barrel water fountain.

This fountain is literally a huge wine barrel that should work like a tap or fountain anyway. However, this became a real fountain with a bottle of wine embedded at the top so that the water could escape. about aloandbeholdlife

Water fountain made of galvanized tipsy pot

Water fountain made of galvanized tipsy pot.

This beautiful fountain is made from upside down gray flower pots and has water that falls from above, making it look like the plants are watered too, although they are purely decorative. about fleamarketgardening

Old piano turned water feature

Old piano turned water feature.

This fountain is indescribably cool because an old restored piano has been brought into the garden and turned into a fountain, with water leaking from where the keys would have been like a waterfall. The quote on the front emphasizes the beauty of this unique piece.

DIY concrete water ball fountain

DIY concrete water ball fountain.

The water is literally gushing out of the earth with this large concrete ball fountain made using a globe as a cast. The globe is on a large, custom-made base and the water comes out of a hole at the top. via atcharlotteshouse

DIY Tiered Blue Planters fountain

DIY Tiered Blue Planters fountain.

This fountain is perfect for the place where it was built as the blue really fits the floor around it. It was made from three glass or acrylic planters that were stacked in between with a kind of lid. The water comes out of the top vase in a very nice way. about jparisdesigns

Basalt Gurgler water feature

Basalt Gurgler water feature.

Basalt stones are really beautiful, just like this fountain. It was built in two columns directly in front of the house, with the water falling into a suitable gravel and stone path. It looks beautiful during the day, but also creates a fascinating glow in the dark. about suburb

Bamboo bucket fountain

Bamboo bucket fountain.

This fountain is perfect for an oriental garden as it was installed in a wide bamboo bucket that contains the water and in which some flowers swim. A column with a kind of tap makes this a real fountain. about Amazon

Spilling flower pot fountain

Spilling flower pot fountain.

This is literally a large flower pot that was placed on the side in a small stone path in the garden. Through some clever plumbing, this pot can spill water from its round mouth that would have been on top.

DIY wooden fountain

DIY wooden fountain.

This is another of these shower style fountains. In this case, the water falls on a tree trunk, in which there is a bucket full of pebbles. A second black bucket serves as a drip because the water gets through there and eventually falls onto the tree trunks on the floor.

DIY planter fountain

DIY planter fountain.

Here's another well of stacked planters that looks really nice. This time the smaller one is actually inside instead of being stacked on top of each other, but the water still protrudes from the middle. Two matching stones were placed next to the fountain to complete the setting. about thehappyhomebodies

DIY clacking bamboo water feature

DIY clacking bamboo water feature.

This water fountain is very different because it looks almost like a bridge over a small, leafy pond that combines both stone edges. The base consists of several large pieces of bamboo that form a kind of triangular shape, from which a vertical fence-like piece rises, then meanders and lets the water out into the river below. about Home Talk

DIY wheelbarrow and flower planter fountain

DIY wheelbarrow and flower planter fountain.

We talked about this when we said that fountains can be both functional and decorative. This consists of a watering can that hangs on a high pole and directs the water onto a wheelbarrow with flower planters that absorb the water when it comes down. about teediddlydee

Pot water well solar power plant

Pot water well solar power plant.

Here is another example of a fountain made of large flower pots filled with pebbles and equipped with a sanitary system. This red piece is solar powered and therefore more environmentally friendly than others. about interiorfrugalista

Green urn water fountain

Green urn water fountain.

This green urn is another fountain that really fits into the garden. As usual, it was installed permanently on the floor and equipped with a sanitary system so that the water can drain from above. about this old house

Dark planet fountain made from hundreds of black puddle stones

Dark planet fountain made from hundreds of black puddle stones.

Here's another ball fountain that looks pretty cool since it's covered with black puddle stones so it really stands out. It was installed on an open floor with no visible base, which is also very impressive. about Davidharber

Ellipse bowl function

Ellipse bowl function.

This is the fountain you should buy and build if you want to have a small pond in a bowl between the plants in your garden. The water protrudes from the floor and fills the bowl, which you may have embedded on top of or in the floor. about Designer water features

Blue urn water game

Blue urn water game.

Here is another urn water game in which all the pipes inside and the water splash out from above. This blue color looks very nice against the terracotta pebbles on the floor because it really stands out. about DIY network

DIY water fountain

DIY water fountain.

This fountain is not an urn, a basin or a pot, but it was made in the same way. The bucket is a great alternative to other materials, and the DIY method works just as well as any fountain kit bought in the store. over sunset

Front yard landscape design with tall vase fountain

Front yard landscape design with tall vase fountain.

Having a fountain in front of your house is not easy, but this landscaping is a great option. The blue vase is simply beautiful and looks fantastic among all these plants, not to mention that part of the water flows to them. So it's a sustainable option.

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