Make Use Of Your Empty Home Corners

Make Use Of Your Empty Home Corners

Every house has empty corners, especially if you choose a decorative style that prefers the center of the room.

Sometimes empty corners look as good as they are, sometimes the emptiness can become garish and make the decor of the room look unbalanced.

There are many ways to fill empty corners: you can build some corner shelves for extra storage space, place a plant there to add life and color, or add a corner desk where you can put a lamp and books or papers to watch when the time comes.

To sum up, there is definitely no need to worry if you have empty corners in your house that feel like they should be filled in somehow. We'll show you some incredible ways to solve your aesthetic problem while making the area useful.

Here are more than 40 ways to use your empty corners.

A small, functional and stylish corner table

A small, functional and stylish corner table.

This corner table is indeed very compact and stylish with its thin, crossed legs and round top. It has just enough space for a lamp, a candle and some flowers. about Home therapy

Easy corner storage table with an old box

Easy corner storage table with an old box.

You could call this a box with legs and you'd be right because that's what we're looking at. The open top offers storage space as well as space for a watch and some decorations, while the high legs add style to the piece. about the beautiful drawer



Adding wall art is another obvious way to fill an empty corner. These pictures make the room look less empty and fit seamlessly into the decoration. about Jacquelynclark

Gallery wall

Gallery wall.

This corner next to the room door is very full because there are pictures of all sizes on the two vertical walls, but next to the actual door there is also a corner table and a chair.

DIY rustic corner gallery wall

DIY rustic corner gallery wall.

This rustic gallery wall has its own unique style. It has rows of distressed wood on which various items are hung, including a deer head, bags, signs, and even bunting. about lizmarie blog

Wall of the children's room gallery

Children's room gallery wall.

This is another corner that has been used to the fullest. The walls are completely filled with colorful pictures of different sizes, while on the actual floor space there is a white chest of drawers with open shelves and a small seat or bucket storage.

Family photo display corner

Family photo display corner.

This corner was made and decorated to commemorate the old days. They have a couple of matching seats facing each other with a small table in between, but also a full gallery of family photos displayed in wooden frames on the shelves and on the wall above where they can be valued or shown during the conversation. about thecrazycraftlady

Personal photo heart layout

Personal photo heart layout.

This is the kind of wall art you make when you need comfort and inspiration while working – you build a heart out of family photos over your desk, using the corner as a guide. It is guaranteed to work.

Own plants

Own plants.

As already mentioned, plants are another great option to fill an empty corner and add some color. These three little ones are in white planters on beautiful stands that give them a pretty nifty look.

Fill corners with plants

Fill corners with plants.

This is not even a corner, but a narrow space between two pieces of furniture. The plant fills the room well because it is so big that it almost reaches the ceiling. The selected vase is also very decorative and complements the rest of the room. about Home therapy

Hanging plants

Hanging plants.

Hanging something from the ceiling is a fantastic way to fill an empty corner without completely blocking the room. However, these plants don't have much in common, except that they hang from the ceiling with thick industrial-style chains. about historiasdecasa

DIY wooden hanging planter

DIY wooden hanging planter.

This wooden planter does not hang in the traditional sense, but is attached to the corner of the room with brackets, each with a plant. This is a great, compact solution to fill a corner with multiple plants without taking up too much space. about the beautiful drawer

Command center

Command center.

This unused space became a specific place where all sorts of things like glasses, stationery and accessories could be kept. This saves you time, since you don't have to search for such items in the house, and helps keep your things organized so you don't cause chaos. about Hisugarplum

Family Command Center

Family Command Center.

This is very similar to the previous example, but has a more rustic atmosphere. Wicker baskets hang on the wall, in which each family member can store their things, as well as a shelf for additional items. The wall is also fully decorated with pictures, a calendar and even a bulletin board.

DIY Family Command Center

DIY Family Command Center.

This command center is very different because the walls have a mixture of picture frames and holders in the office style. A wicker basket on the floor appears to hold more general items. via atcharlotteshouse

Open shelves in the corner for storage

Open shelves in the corner for storage.

Perfect for the small, uncomfortable corner between two walls, these open wooden shelves are a great place to store items that are both functional and decorative, such as books and a clock. The basket on the floor is itself the storage space for shoes and boots.

Floating corner shelves

Floating corner shelves.

These floating corner shelves have an L-shape and fit so perfectly to the wall that they fit seamlessly. They mainly hold decorative items such as frames and plants.

Floating corner shelves

Floating corner shelves.

This set of wooden corner shelves is nice, but pretty tight. There is a selection of items on display from corner to corner, but it appears to be mostly books and pictures.

DIY workspace with open shelves

DIY workspace with open shelves.

This corner is larger than the cubbies of most companies and has therefore been converted into a work area. The white shelves span both walls and contain both decorative and functional objects. The bottom one has a chair in front so that it can work like a desk.

DIY coffee bar

DIY coffee bar.

This is the corner that coffee lovers will never be far from, as it contains a cart with all the necessary supplies for the energizing drink: on the top there is a coffee machine, saucers and cups on each shelf. about the sweetest opportunity

Coffee corner

Coffee corner.

This corner looks and smells like rich coffee all the time. A set of open shelves holds the various supplies and large cups hang on the underside. Underneath is a converted chest of drawers with a coffee machine, other cups and a lamp. This corner is the perfect place for a late evening or early morning coffee.

Attic Book Nook

Attic Book Nook.

This loft corner is definitely an uncomfortable space, but it can be done. The small white book stand in the corner fits particularly well, and the ceiling lamp at the top can be very useful when looking for a particular book. about unskinnyboppy

Cozy reading area with a chair

Cozy reading area with a chair.

This corner is definitely cozy with its white corner chair and the mixture of pictures, signs and plants that adorn the gray walls. The side table is also very practical because you can place your book, glasses or a warm drink there during a reading. about instagram

Beautiful canopy corner or reading corner

Beautiful canopy corner or reading corner.

Canopies are not only beautiful, they also offer a kind of privacy that open spaces do not offer. This corner has a carpet and pillow inside the canopy. Therefore, this is a great place to read, meditate, or listen to music privately, even when the dresser and lamp are actually placed outside. about economical and elegant

DIY reading corner with gutter shelves

DIY reading corner with gutter shelves.

Gutter shelves are very suitable for rooms like this, as they match the minimalist neutral decoration and also help to keep books and pictures upright. A small, round carpet directly below brings color and offers the reader the opportunity to sit cross-legged and lay his back on the pillow, which is also available. about Sunshine on the inside

Learn Ladder Desk

Learn Ladder Desk.

An open ladder-style storage unit is a fantastic option for tight spaces such as corners. This white model has various decorative items on the top shelves, while a table top and a stool have been added to the bottom so that it can be used as a desk. about self-made

Leaning desk to maximize space

Leaning desk to maximize space.

This crooked desk is very similar to the previous one, except for the dark background, which creates a great contrast, and the padded office chair, which is more comfortable than a stool. about chrislovesjulia

Head of storage corner

Head of storage corner.

This storage corner is literally like a step ladder embedded in the wall. The various levels contain items such as picture frames, plants, and even some books. about elledecoration

DIY framed mirror

DIY framed mirror.

This full-length mirror, which is framed by rich, wide pieces of wood, is not only decorative, but can also be used to check a complete outfit. about thewoodgraincottage

A full-length mirror in the corner

A full-length mirror in the corner.

This elegant full-length mirror has a great placement because it is supported by the white box-style box and leans against the wall. The flowers in front and the awkward angle can make this piece more decorative than functional.

DIY home office with shelves and desk

DIY home office with shelves and desk.

This small home office fits perfectly into this uncomfortable corner and offers everything you need: a wooden desk with a matching work chair and white open shelves for storing books and documents. Everything looks beautiful against the blue-green background of the room. about theeffortlesschic

Small chair with books and flowers

Small chair with books and flowers.

This decoration is definitely unusual, as a vintage chair was placed in the corner and used as a stool or stand, holding a stack of books and a vase of flowers on the seat.

Music Nook

Music Nook.

This corner is ideal for lovers of vintage music. It has framed posters or pictures on the wall, as well as a table with a record holder and a vintage record player. A matching lamp has been built into the adjacent wall and shines above the turntable while records are being played. about elledecoration

Breakfast corner with Ikea benches

Breakfast corner with Ikea benches.

This is a very smart use of the corner room as two upholstered benches with storage baskets with a stand in the corner and a coffee table in the middle have been installed on both walls, making this room perfect for a cozy breakfast, coffee or tea. about Home Talk

Corner hanging chair

Corner hanging chair.

It's pretty doubtful that anyone would ever use this cage-like rocking chair with a hemisphere, but it's a beautiful conversation piece that fills the room, inspires guests, and is fun for children to try every now and then.

DIY hanging table

DIY hanging table.

This small corner table is also quite unusual, as the table top hangs on a thin chain instead of being carried by traditional legs. It is a beautiful piece with its dark wood panel and thin gold chain, but not sturdy enough to do serious work or put fragile objects on it. about themerrythought

Corner bench with seating and storage space

Corner bench with seating and storage space.

This L-shaped, lightly upholstered wooden bench is very beautiful and versatile. They have the large decorative pillows for decorating and leaning against, as well as the storage space underneath that contains wicker tubs, which can be very useful. about pottery

Superhero clothing corner

Superhero clothing corner.

This corner is perfect for Halloween or maybe Drama Club members. It has a beautiful black and while picture on the wall, under which a rich wooden wall covering has been turned into a costume shelf, which is intended for hanging superhero costumes and everyday clothing. about Beckhamandbelle

Clothes rail in the corner

Clothes rail in the corner.

You don't need a walk-in closet if you have an empty corner in your room. You can add a shelf with a clothes rack underneath to display your nicer clothes and keep them wrinkle free.

DIY corner shoe shelves

DIY corner shoe shelves.

Here is another corner solution for your closet needs. You can build a shelf tower and place your shoes there so that they are displayed and easily accessible when needed. about ikeahackers and Ramon family

DIY shoe rack created by IKEA lacquer shelves

DIY shoe rack created by IKEA lacquer shelves.

These V-shaped shelves are actually easier to create than you can imagine. They are just a pair of identical shelves that face each other diagonally and meet in the middle. Depending on their width, you may be able to insert one or two pairs in each “V”. about millaveallen

Industrial tube bookcase and shoe rack

Industrial tube bookcase and shoe rack.

These industrial pipe shelves that snake out from the wall and end there are pretty awesome. While the hold may look precarious, you can store and display many different things in it, especially high-heeled shoes. about Instructables