Kitchen Organization and DIY Storage Ideas

Kitchen Organization and DIY Storage

You dream of a perfectly organized, beautiful kitchen with clean, sparkling worktops, the latest appliances and more storage space than you know how to do. The reality is different and is even a little depressing. In real life, kitchen counters stack with cell phones, car keys, children's toys, and unread mail.

A crowded kitchen can really make food preparation fun and reduce efficiency. The good news is that simple and inexpensive organizational ideas for your kitchen are always on hand. Here are some creative ideas for organizing your kitchen and creating an attractive storage space.

DIY Inside Cabinet Plate Rack

DIY Inside Cabinet Plate Rack.

Most of us simply stack our plates and dishes in cupboards without thinking too much. But the truth is, we're wasting a lot of space. Why not build a custom shelf in these cabinets? See instructions above remodelandolacasa

Fake drawer towel rail

Fake drawer towel rail.

Ah, those fake drawers under the sink that don't serve a purpose. Well, that doesn't have to be the case. Simply use this fake drawer as a towel holder. You can buy the hardware at a hardware store near you and install it yourself. about the freedom heart

Tidy kitchen counter with the IKEA Fintorp series

Tidy kitchen counter with the IKEA Fintorp series.

If you're wondering what that is, the Fintorp system is a stylish, rail-based organizer that includes hooks, wire baskets, and metal pails (sold separately). The rail is available in 2 lengths – 22.5 inches and 31 inches. If you want it to get longer, you can put two together. At the moment it is available in 2 colors, black and nickel-plated. about no29design

DIY shelf for additional storage space under the kitchen cabinet

DIY shelf for additional storage space under the kitchen cabinet.

Microwave that takes up valuable counter space? Think vertically. A shelf under the closet can be the answer. about joeandcheryl

DIY kitchen utensils drawer organizer

DIY kitchen utensils drawer organizer.

A drawer has a lot of storage space, but without partitions everything ends up in a mess. Prefabricated drawer dividers can be expensive and do not always work for your individual needs. Your best bet is to make it yourself. about Kevinandamanda

DIY charging station with the Fintorp system from Ikea

DIY charging station with the Fintorp system from Ikea.

Here is another great use for the Fintorp system. If you don't like the look of cell phones on the kitchen counter, this is a more attractive alternative. Once you've decided where you want it (near an electrical outlet, of course), install the Fintorp rail and add the special hooks and wire caddy with handles. Now the cell phones and their chargers are out of sight and out of the way. about Home Talk

Repurposed Enamel Mug Organizer

Repurposed Enamel Mug Organizer.

Wondering what to do with these pretty mugs that you can't use? Here's an idea you probably haven't thought of yet. These cups are fastened with screws and glued to a piece of old wood.
In this photo, a cup is upright and the rest is attached to the side. The upright holds flowers, but you can also have a small herb garden. Use the handles for hooks. about Homeroad

Vintage cheese grater organizer

Vintage cheese grater organizer.

Attached to a board and hung on a chain, this antique cheese grater becomes a rustic storage space. Use it to hold cooking utensils or put a jar for flowers in it. The handle below is perfect for hanging towels. about Homeroad

DIY open shelving storage

DIY open shelving storage.

Inspired by a country store, this simple approach to storage and organization is both simple and affordable. They also make the kitchen look more spacious and open. So that the shelves look neat, it is advisable to use glasses of the same size that look the same for storage. about Ellaclair inspired

DIY coffee cup wall shelf

DIY coffee cup wall shelf.

The Ikea Fintorp system appears again, this time as a cute wall for hanging up cups. Instead of hiding them in a closet, hang these cups on the special hooks. A couple of the wire baskets accommodate things like K-cups. Did I mention how cute it is? about afarmhousereborn

DIY slide-out pantry

DIY slide-out pantry.

Do you have a tiny kitchen and no space for your canned food? Use narrow but deep spaces (e.g. between the fridge and the wall) and create a pull-out pantry (see tutorial here). Slim, narrow and with multiple shelves, it is the perfect hiding place for preserves, spices, etc. The rollers on the bottom make it easy to slide in and out. about classyclutter

Functional corner shelves for additional space

Functional corner shelves for additional space.

Don't forget the corner areas in your kitchen with corner shelves. This is dead space that only screams to be used. Try stainless steel for a more industrial look. about bhg

DIY spice rack from old cola bottle boxes

DIY spice rack from old cola bottle boxes.

If you have one or two old cola bottle boxes lying around, they can be processed into a unique spice rack. Paint them for a more polished look or leave them as they are for a more natural vintage look in your kitchen. about source

Round metal stand that holds all of your coffee cups

Round metal stand that holds all of your coffee cups.

Originally intended as a glass laundry rack, this handy little accessory also serves as a "mug tree". Place it next to your coffee machine and you have comfortable, attractive storage space for your cups. about source

DIY Produce Stand

DIY Produce Stand.

You want to keep your beautiful fruits and vegetables. This multi-level wooden stand takes up very little space. It stores and displays your products, which may encourage you or a family member to grab a piece of fruit for a healthy snack. Click the link for instructions on how to create one. about Overthebigmoon

Cutlery holder made from recycled cans

Cutlery holder made from recycled cans.

This DIY holder is ideal for a barbecue or a picnic or just every day in the house. No searching to find out where the forks, spoons or knives are. Making one of these holders is fun and also reduces the number of cans in the landfill. First clean the cans. about madamecriativa

Hang detergent under the sink with a tie rod

Hang detergent under the sink with a tie rod.

Who would have thought that something designed to hold a shower curtain could be used to organize cleaning products? Since it's a pull rod, it's one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to organize and keep household cleaning products visible. about littlebitfunky

DIY magnetic wall display

DIY magnetic wall display.

Use the vertical space to store knives when you have no space in the drawer. Magnetic knife holders are a very popular method of displaying and storing kitchen knives. They come in all sorts of materials, styles and colors. The one shown here consists of old wood and ceramic magnets. about ehow

DIY pantry door spice rack

DIY pantry door spice rack.

For anyone who cooks, finding this spice in a dark closet can be frustrating. A DIY pantry door spice rack could be the answer. about theownerbuildernetwork

DIY floating shelves for kitchen cabinet

DIY floating shelves for kitchen cabinet.

about 7. House on the left

Pull out the hanging utensil drawer

Pull out the hanging utensil drawer.

Imagine a drawer turned to the side and you will find out what this utensil drawer is all about. Hanging utensils next to the stove keep them within reach, but not in the way. about amazing interior design

DIY kitchen breadboards

DIY kitchen breadboards.

Another option for a tiny kitchen with little storage space is a wall-mounted breadboard system. It is affordable, versatile and can be painted in any color. A simple solution for storing pots and pans. about a nice mess

DIY pull-out kitchen sink storage compartments

DIY pull-out kitchen sink storage compartments.

Nobody likes to look for anything under the sink. It is a dark, messy place. Rollout subjects can change this. You can pull out the trays and take everything outside (and the light, I could add). In addition, everything is organized. about Family workers

Pan organizer rack

Pan organizer rack.

Use a rack to hold pans instead of stacking pans together and scratching the non-stick surface. Rubbermaid not only manufactures affordable racks, but is also available in most Target or Walmart stores. The best thing is – no assembly required. about Buzzfeed

Use small tie rods to hold wire baskets under the sink

Use small tie rods to hold wire baskets under the sink.

Similar to using the tie rod to hang up detergents, this approach goes a step further. Instead of just one bar, two are arranged parallel to each other, just wide enough for a wire basket to fit between them. about source

Kitchen cabinet door cutting boards holder organizer

Kitchen cabinet door cutting boards holder organizer.

Almost all of us use cutting boards. The trick is to find a place to store it. Flat storage usually does not work and storage on the sides requires just the right height and width. One possible solution is to buy a wire organizer that contains foil or plastic foil boxes and mount it on the inside of the cabinet door. about that is said

Simple plastic wrap holder

Simple plastic wrap holder.

Try to buy self-adhesive hooks instead of keeping these boxes of plastic wrap (or foil) in a drawer. Glue them to the wall just enough to fit the boxes and insert the hooks (most boxes have holes in the ends). about askannamoseley

DIY spice rack attached to kitchen cabinets

DIY spice rack attached to kitchen cabinets.

about whitetulipdesigns

Adhesive Hooks Pot Lid Organizer

Adhesive Hooks Pot Lid Organizer.

Spend more time cooking and less time looking for the right saucepan lids. You can find adhesive hooks in the Dollar Store (or similar, depending on where you live). about Instructables

SIMPLE rustic DIY utensil shelf

SIMPLE rustic DIY utensil shelf.

about Grillo designs