Easy DIY Console Table and Sofa Table Ideas

Easy DIY Console Table and Sofa Table

Have you ever felt the need to put something down while sitting on your sofa but with no available surface within reach? You may want to eat while watching TV, or make a toast while cuddling on the couch with a loved one. There may simply be times when you have to turn off the popcorn during a movie or you just want to keep the remote control or your smartphone nearby.

Because of such situations, some sofas now have their own side tables – because the coffee table is sometimes just too far out of reach. However, coffee tables are not just for practical use. You can also take advantage of and place some flowers or other decorative elements such as family pictures on the couch.

Whether you want to use it for practical or decorative purposes, here you will find many ways to make a coffee table or use it for other purposes. Read on to find the following stylish DIY sofa table ideas.

DIY sofa table with Ikea parts

DIY sofa table with Ikea parts.

Your couch didn't have its own table? That shouldn't be a problem as you can repair your own with Ikea parts easily, quickly and inexpensively. All you need is a shelf and decorative legs at the right height. After you have put together your table, you can even design it as you wish, if you paint it to match your decoration. about thehomesihavemade

DIY industrial sofa back table

DIY industrial sofa back table.

This full size table is a little different from the others in that you can work or eat right in size on the couch. In this particular case, it seems to serve as a work area, as two low, comfortable benches have been added underneath and the electronics are placed on it along with decorative elements. about Brassjones

Easy DIY behind the coffee table

Easy DIY behind the coffee table.

This narrow, dark wooden table is the perfect example of what we have already mentioned. It was placed between the actual couch and the white wall and serves as a place to keep drinks for a night with friends and family while preventing the couch from actually touching the wall. about effierow

DIY console table with scroll legs

DIY console table with scroll legs.

This light wood DIY console table has a rustic vintage feel. The top and bottom are smooth, while the scroll legs and darkened edges give the piece character. A second shelf was built in between the top and bottom to create additional storage space. about hertoolbelt

Simple DIY table that slides under the edge of the couch

Simple DIY table that slides under the edge of the couch.

This little DIY sofa table is a pretty awesome project as it slides out and back under the couch when needed. The exposed structure gives it an industrial touch that stands out from the smooth wood. about Laptop stole babies

Milk-painted industrial farmhouse console table

Milk-painted industrial farmhouse console table.

With its ornate legs and contrasting colors, this console table undoubtedly has the charm of the country style. The concrete on the top is very robust and can withstand a lot of weight despite the delicate appearance of the piece, as you can see in this picture. via gardenhillcountry

$ 25 DIY sofa table tutorial

$ 25 DIY sofa table tutorial.

"Sandwich" is a very narrow table between the sofa and the wall, where you can attach frames, candles, plants or lamps for decoration and function. over never done

$ 30 DIY sofa or console table

$ 30 DIY sofa or console table.

This table, set at the level of the back of the sofa, is more of a floating style option. Again, space is limited, but you can easily use the console to keep your most important things handy when you are seated. about jennasuedesign

With this DIY sofa table behind the built-in sockets, you can easily connect your electronics

DIY sofa table.

This small DIY wooden table behind the sofa, which is very simple and accessible to everyone, is all about functionality. The strategic placement in connection with the sockets on the wall allows you to charge your electronic devices and keep them within reach during the rest periods. about source

DIY coffee table

DIY coffee table.

This coffee table is another example of the beautiful and useful things that can be installed in smaller rooms. The wood grain and texture looks really good against the cooler gray tones of the whole decoration and the device is ideal as storage space in the office style. about source

DIY console table with additional storage space inside and at the end

DIY console table for additional storage space.

This misused sofa console is a brilliant project because you can support and store things above, inside and at the ends of the sofa. via cathygreeninteriors

Stylish and simple DIY sofa table

Stylish and simple DIY sofa table.

Despite its impressive appearance, this stylish wooden sofa table is very easy to assemble. The entire structure consists of wooden beams designed for style and stability and then painted in a sophisticated dark color. It was installed on the back of the couch for practical reasons, as is often the case. about remodel

DIY salvage sofa table

DIY salvage sofa table.

The idea of ​​making this beautiful sofa table from salvaged wooden boards was fantastic as it has a very unique look and is also more environmentally friendly than other options. The ornate legs that have been chosen give the piece contrast and a touch of sophistication. about adiamondinthestuff

DIY reclaimed French country sofa table

DIY reclaimed French country sofa table.

This project seems to have been put together from light, reclaimed wood. The upper and lower shelves are made of smooth planks, while the legs have an ornate vintage look. All pieces show a beautiful wood grain, which gives the table a rural charm. about Picklee

DIY X sofa back table

DIY X sofa back table.

This is very much your typical wooden sofa table. The top is made of smooth boards, while the sides are arranged in an X shape with three bars. A long bar connects both sides of the table, which has been painted cream-colored for additional stability. about 100things2do

DIY hairpin leg console table

DIY hairpin leg console table.

This high console table has a very thick and sturdy dark wood top that is installed at the same height as the back of the couch. Several hairpin legs were used along the long table to give it a unique look while ensuring that it can also be used safely. about Superette

DIY rustic console table

DIY rustic console table.

This distressed light wooden table has the charm of a rustic DIY piece. The frame is very sturdy, as wooden beams have been attached to the sides and in the middle to support the top and two shelves. The exposed nails and wicker baskets used for the organization complete the look. via Shadesofblueinteriors

DIY Reclaimed Barn Wood hairpin leg console table

DIY Reclaimed Barn Wood hairpin leg console table.

Waste wood is always a good option for any DIY project as it is affordable and has a unique look. This console table shows that the dark panels used work great with the hairpin legs to create a table that you certainly won't see every day. about Sustainmycrafthabit

DIY X-Brace console table

DIY X-Brace console table.

This DIY table could look like many other polished pieces of wood that you might find in stores, but there is a simple detail that makes it different. The X-clips that connect the legs give it a slightly different, almost rustic look and provide additional support for the top. about Rogue Engineer

Double X console table

Double X console table.

This console table looks really unique thanks to its unusual structure. The three long, smooth wooden shelves are carried by two large Xs on the front and back edges, which have been painted white for a more eye-catching look, rather than having the usual legs at the corners and in the middle. about remodel

Simple DIY sofa table

Simple DIY sofa table.

This coffee table could hardly be easier to assemble. The owner took a simple wooden frame and added wooden beams of various sizes to create sections for storage. The project was completed with a coat of dark paint and wicker baskets in the lower area. about removeeandreplace

DIY bench for sofa table

DIY bench for sofa table.

Turning a bench into a coffee table is indeed a good idea. The top in this case was combined with various pieces and wood scraps, then it was smoothed out and installed on the back of the sofa for storage. about Tommyandellie

Gray sofa table

Gray sofa table.

This is a great example of an incredible and unusual coffee table. It combines a simple gray frame with a smooth dark wood panel, and while not offering as much storage space as some others, it works very well for its purpose. about farmfreshhomestead

DIY wooden console table

DIY wooden console table.

This is another fantastic example of a very unusual table because it looks like a smooth structure and has no shelves other than the actual top. The white color offers a wonderful contrast to the back of the dark contrast. about Saffron avue

DIY fretwork console table

DIY fretwork console table.

This table is simply beautiful thanks to its intricate fretwork frame. The white structure does not offer any contrast to the wall, but does match the color scheme of the room. The smooth wooden plate fits the matching floor very well. about Jenwoodhouse

Easiest DIY Reclaimed Wood Sofa Table

Easiest DIY Reclaimed Wood Sofa Table.

This sofa table is basically as simple as it comes – just a smooth top and four legs at the corners. The contrasting colors match the decoration of the entire room and the two benches in the washbasin style give the piece a somewhat vintage and rustic look. about Town house

Modern gray console table

Gray sofa table.

about Build basic

Easy DIY console table made of old wood

Gray sofa table.

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