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Easter Decor DIY Projects

Easter Decor DIY Projects

Easter is just around the corner, and although not everyone makes a big deal of it, most people celebrate the holiday in one way or another.

Easter is one of the first public holidays of the year and takes place at the beginning of spring. It is undeniably connected to everything that is light, funny and colorful, from fluffy rabbits to egg baskets to flowers.

While it is fun to decorate for Easter, we can definitely understand it if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a holiday than it means less to you, especially when other spring events take place at the same time.

The good news is that you definitely don’t have to spend a lot of money to decorate your house for Easter because there are plenty of fun DIY projects to try yourself or with the kids.

If you want to know more, read on to uncover these creative Easter decor DIY projects.

Painted plastic Easter eggs

Painted plastic Easter eggs.

Painting eggs is an Easter tradition that has existed for generations. Fortunately, however, you no longer have to sacrifice real eggs for this type of project, which means that doing it with the children is much easier, and it will take much longer. You can display them in different ways, but when you put them in a basket or stack them as stacked in the example, these are impressive display ideas. about Meatloaf and melodrama

DIY clothespin bunnies

DIY clothespin bunnies.

If you haven’t noticed how clothespins resemble cartoon bunnies, you’re clearly missing out. All you have to do to create some cute and simple Easter bunny decorations is to paint your clothes pegs with rabbit traits and then complete them with small string arches. The picture here is a great inspiration if you need a simple design to restore. about a small project

Yarn-wrapped carrots

Yarn-wrapped carrots.

It’s really easy to make great fake carrots. All you have to do is take a bottle or cardboard cone and completely wrap it with orange yarn to resemble a carrot. Add the fake leaves on top and your job is done. about lollyjane

Spring moss covered Easter pots

Spring moss covered Easter pots.

These grassy flower pots are as easy to make as sticking real moss to a normal clay pot until the surface is completely covered. Add a little bunny to your plants and they are perfect for spring and Easter. about Home Talk

DIY Easter coat decor

DIY Easter coat decor.

This mantelpiece easter decoration is just precious! You have the board with the colorful 3D rabbit art, a real pastel rabbit and a striped big egg, a modern but tasteful egg display and even a little chick on a base and some flowers. The setup is rounded off by a few colorful tassels that tie everything together in a festive yet tasteful way. about the love of the day

DIY Easter egg topiary tree

DIY Easter egg topiary tree.

This is definitely a very different topiary from what we usually see. The small eggs are nested in the plant like ornaments on a Christmas tree and look absolutely beautiful. about Sandandsisal

Burlap Bunny Table Runner

Burlap Bunny Table Runner.

This neutral burlap table runner is a very classy way to decorate your Easter table. It has bunny silhouettes all over its surface, with a yarn or cotton ball serving as the tail of the cute animal, giving it dimension and a fun twist. about Kellyelko

Easter yarn ball wreath

Easter yarn ball wreath.

This Easter wreath is as simple as it comes. It mainly consists of balls of yarn in different sizes and pastel colors with some accents such as pompoms to break the very uniform look. about Aprettylifeinthesururbs

Wooden hope easter wreath sign

Wooden hope easter wreath sign.

A sign like this is perfect for a rustic or rural Easter decoration. It features the HOPE sign in natural wood and white letters, with the “p” as a flower ribbon. Plants and an egg basket sit on the floor and make this a distinctive Easter decoration. about fynesdesigns

Easter mason jar flower arrangement

Easter mason jar flower arrangement.

Mason jars are simple, cheap and cute vases, and this is no exception. It has been painted in an almost opaque light blue or mint, which is a particular Easter color, and it houses a beautiful floral arrangement. about designimprovised

Easter candy glasses

Easter candy glasses.

Here’s a great party decoration, especially for kids. These glasses were filled with layers of different sweets to create an ombre effect. A little artificial grass and a chick cover each glass, which is also decorated with a row of cloth bunnies on the outside. Every glass is different, which makes the decorative display even prettier. about something else

Easter peeps centerpiece with peeps, M & Ms and flowers

Easter peeps centerpiece with peeps, M & M's and flowers.

This is definitely a different floral arrangement as the vase was filled with a mix of Easter peeps and pastel colored M & Ms. The flowers sit beautifully above with a rabbit that looks out from behind and celebrates Easter and spring. about Tinker two sisters

DIY Easter egg tree

DIY Easter egg tree.

This spring plant, which already has some flowers at the ends of its branches, was decorated like a Christmas tree, with Easter eggs hanging like ornaments. The eggs complement the green vase very well and form a fairly coherent decoration. about Peanut blossom

Jellybean Topiary For Easter

Jellybean Topiary For Easter.

Ostertopiaries are definitely unusual, as you can see here. This has a cluster of colorful gummy bears stuck to a stick, making it look like a lollipop is coming out of the plant in the pot below. about craftysisters-nc

Easter egg tree centerpiece

Easter egg tree centerpiece.

This is an impressive centerpiece with all of its layers filled with eggs and rabbits. It was built as a cake exhibition and offers a mixture of decorative rabbits and eggs that go from top to top from bigger to smaller. about remodelandolacasa

DIY Jelly Bean Tree

DIY Jelly Bean Tree.

Here’s another decoration that’s pretty classic, but has a fun twist. The tree is a cream-colored pedestal vase with colorful gummy bears that are strategically placed to imitate flowers. Small animal figures stand near the base as if they were admiring the plant. about craftysisters-nc

DIY Easter pharmacist glasses

DIY Easter pharmacist glasses.

These jars are a lot of fun with their various colorful contents, which include eggs and pompoms and the green bows on top. They are displayed on small white stands that are both cute and classy. about Realcoake

Easter egg candles centerpiece

Easter egg candles centerpiece.

This is definitely unusual because these Easter eggs are actually wax candles of different colors. They are nested on a plate between remnants of fabric or dried plants. about Super weddings

DIY Easter egg Flying Cup Topiary

DIY Easter egg Flying Cup Topiary.

Here’s another very unusual and cute idea. We have a cup that was deliberately set aside as if it had flipped over, and a plant covered with lots of brightly colored Easter eggs and chicks that fall on the table and create the perfect funny illusion. about fabulous

DIY Easter egg button craft

DIY Easter egg button craft.

This framed canvas is pretty stunning, with all the colorful buttons that form a striped Easter egg in the middle. A white porcelain-like rabbit with a bow around its neck sits at the base to complete the scene. about acultivatednest

Flowered egg topiary

Flowered egg topiary.

This egg decoration is absolutely stunning, as the huge Easter egg is covered with blue paper flowers with a pearl center, which gives it a delicate dimension. The embroidered white vase below ensures a perfect display. about simple design

Plastic spoon chicks for Easter

Plastic spoon chicks for Easter.

These topiary-style decorations are incredibly adorable, as the spoons have been painted in pastel colors, making them look like a cross between an egg and a chick. The white polka dot vases in matching colors complete the look. about craftsbyamanda

Easter flower arrangement

Easter flower arrangement.

This is another novelty of these flower arrangements, in which the vase or the pot is filled with decorative objects so that the flowers can be seen better. In this case, the vase is an open wire mesh bucket filled with pastel colored Easter eggs. Spring blossoms shine between the beautiful eggs. about thecasualcraftlete

Easter egg candle holder

Easter egg candle holder.

This is a completely different idea for Easter decoration, as these otherwise simple candle holders were decorated with colorful 3D eggs in the middle to give them the Easter touch. about Tinker two sisters

Simple DIY bunny gumball machines

Simple DIY bunny gumball machines.

These are not really gumball machines, but you could definitely be fooled. In fact, they are candy jars glued to flower pots that have been turned upside down to serve as a base. The jars were filled with moss and foam bunnies for decoration, while the glass lids and bottoms were painted the same color to create the illusion of a gumball machine. about inspired on average

Chandelier decorated with Easter eggs

Chandelier decorated with Easter eggs.

This chandelier looks like a cell phone with all cute characters hanging on it. All of the eggs and rabbits add color and a fun touch to this otherwise vintage and serious looking piece. about Petite house

Easter egg tree

Easter egg tree.

Who said eggs don’t grow on trees? This proves that they are wrong. A mixture of green paper and egg ornaments was glued to a cone to create this piece. via sweetfloweret

DIY flower topiary

DIY flower topiary.

This floral topiary is definitely more spring than Easter as it is mostly covered with pink roses and butterflies. Small eggs were strewn between the flowers and a large bow was tied around the stick holding the piece up. about apumpkinandaprincess

Easter flag with pom pom bunnies

Easter flag with pom pom bunnies.

Here is our incredibly sweet Easter decoration. They have a blackboard sign framed by rich wood hanging on the wall, and it was crowned by a small cardboard rabbit banner with cheeky pompoms as tails, making it look pretty fun. about clean and light

DIY Easter egg stick decor

DIY Easter egg stick decor.

about a little better with age

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