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DIY Window Treatment Ideas and Tutorials

DIY Window Treatment Ideas and Tutorials

Windows are special in every house or room. Traditionally, they serve practical purposes such as introducing light and warmth and renewing the breathing air in the room.

However, Windows cannot always be open. In some regions, windows have to be closed and even sealed most of the time.

If you close your windows or at least filter some of the light that falls through, you have a good excuse to use your decorative talents, but that's not all. In fact, you don't have to close your windows to decorate them – you can also frame them nicely.

If you haven't figured that out yet, this article is all about windows and the various treatments you can give them to completely change their look.

If you are interested, you can browse these fantastic ideas and tutorials on DIY window treatment.

Cloth-covered cornice board with pompoms

Cloth-covered cornice board with pompoms.

This window was already beautifully framed by the mosaic pattern on the wall above, but the installation of the decorative cornice added some subtle additional details. The cornice was completely covered with fabric and adorned in full length with hanging pom-poms so that it looks like part of the curtains. about Pieces of furniture

DIY Lace Privacy Windows

DIY Lace Privacy Windows.

This beautiful lace window works almost like a screen door because it offers a second layer of privacy over the real window and partially blocks the view from the outside. Using lace instead of another semi-transparent fabric was a good choice because it looks more like a decorative piece than just a screen. about home-dzine.co

Wooden curtain rods with a restoration hardware look

Wooden curtain rods with a restoration hardware look.

This is actually not a wooden curtain, but a rustic curtain holder made from apparently restored fittings. It has a rather unique look, as the thick wooden stick goes through the decorative ends on the side, but both cornices are completely hidden by fabric. It would look beautiful in a room with a farmhouse motif. about maisondepax

Rustic wooden window valance

Rustic wooden window valance.

Here is another wood treatment with a very distinctive rustic look. This type of wooden box, which consists of three uneven parts with blackboard writing in the middle, complements the patterned curtains that seem to come from the inside, as well as the metallic piece in the ladder style that is supported at the further end. about color saturated life

DIY rustic window valances with lace curtains

DIY rustic window valances with lace curtains.

This room has two valances made of solid stained wood, which beautifully complement the romantic lace curtains below and give the room a very special charm of a farmhouse. about christinasadventures

3D paper flower window treatment

3D paper flower window treatment.

This wall decoration is definitely a bit busy, as not only is the wall patterned with small polka-dot triangles, but the window cornice is also patterned. To add some color to this fun yet neutral area, the top of the window has been fully decorated with colorful paper flowers and leaves, making this a perfect window treatment to welcome spring. about thecraftpatchblog

Craftsy Color Block privacy curtains

Craftsy Color Block privacy curtains.

This is definitely a different type of privacy curtain because it is not made of fabric, but of cardboard, colored paper and chains. When the different chains of colorful cardboard squares are hung together, a curtain for privacy is created that breathes life into the room. about Dummies

Bring vintage shutters into the house for a window update

Bring vintage shutters into the house for a window update.

Vintage, door-like wooden shutters are really nice, but a bit dated in the traditional way. When you find or make something that can be treated to fit your room and installed indoors, you have a peculiar and updated window treatment that everyone will love – not to mention that it is much more practical than leaving it outside. about vintage news junkie

Fast and easy data protection solutions

Fast and easy data protection solutions.

Here's another screen idea to keep peeping toms away from your window. This time you have a framed screen with a white mosaic pattern, which you attach to the bottom of your window, which partially blocks the view from the outside, while adding decorative details while still letting in some light. Via Thrift diving

DIY No Sew Cafe curtains

DIY No Sew Cafe curtains.

Cafe curtains are a cool idea if you always want to have part of your window fully open or just prefer the look of half curtains. You can get into trouble if you can't sew. This industrial-style metal bar and matching tires ensure that you don't have to sew at all – just to drill the holes for the tires. about ugly duckling house

Curtains with old wood

Curtains with old wood.

This wooden curtain holder, made from a long piece of scrap wood, is really cool in many ways: the textured wood itself is nice to start with, but it also has vertical handles at regular intervals that run through the curtains and give them a draped effect which is quite unusual. about oliveandlove

DIY No Sew Window treatment

DIY No Sew Window treatment.

A draped treatment inspired by Roman tones like this is as complex as it looks. But the end result is worth the effort. You can definitely turn this into a no-sew project by using fabric glue for your hems and stitch witchcraft for your joints, but it's still an advanced DIY project. about inmyownstyle

An old window and a shelf over the sink

An old window and a shelf over the sink.

This is quite an interesting treatment as they added a smaller grated window in front of the real one in this kitchen as a mixture of screen and decoration and then also embedded some kind of floating shelf in the main structure, which gives the sink a unique look and additional area Storage space. about Homedit

DIY stencil curtains

DIY stencil curtains.

This project is not about the windows, but about the curtains that have been personalized with stencils. The stencil pattern fits wonderfully into the room and gives the curtains a noble vintage look. about lollyjane

Easy handling of burlap windows

Easy handling of burlap windows.

Burlap doesn't seem to be an obvious choice for shades, but you can see here that it works pretty well because the material is just stiff and plain enough. Its natural texture also makes it look decorative, which reduces the severity of the simple, solid shade. about remodelista

Colorful vintage handkerchief ruffles

Colorful vintage handkerchief ruffles.

This is definitely far from your typical valance, since no wood is visible here. Instead, the mastermind behind this project took various handkerchiefs and wrapped them around the curtain poles to effectively hide them. The fabric hangs over the window and the curtains and gives the room color and life. about Flamingo photos

Recycled Rusty Tin Panel Window Valance

Recycled Rusty Tin Panel Window Valance.

Not many people would have thought of reusing a rusty metal plate, let alone for decorative purposes, but this project was a definite and resounding success. The texture of the sheet metal gives this area a vintage charm, and the color matches the curtains underneath perfectly. about themagicbrushinc

Sliding window made of reused wood

Sliding window made of reused wood.

This is a really cool rustic style window treatment as a piece of scrap wood – possibly a door or barn lock – has been installed indoors as a lock that you can open and close. about the letter box

DIY balloon umbrella for a little girl's room

DIY balloon umbrella for a little girl's room.

These colors are definitely unique – not only are they colorful and draped, they are also raised and decorated with small balloons or pompoms on the edges, making them perfect for a young lady's room. about erinlovesearl

Decorative consoles

Decorative consoles.

This simple window with a beige frame was installed between two caramel-colored columns, which are provided with decorative brackets at the top, which decorates the window itself. The industrial hanging lamp in the middle further enhances the effect. via jenniferrizzo

No-Sew DIY Greek key curtain panels

No-Sew DIY Greek key curtain panels.

These curtains are pretty cool yet elegant because they have a Greek key edge that adds details and a modern geometric look. The design can easily be applied without sewing, as you can stencil it with fabric paint or glue on the fabric strips, which works just as well and adds a subtle 3D effect. about Look at the path

DIY bay window curtain rods

DIY bay window curtain rods.

Bay windows are large, which means that curtain poles have an appropriate price. With hoses that are much cheaper and some other consumables that are sure not going to break your budget, you can easily make your own hoses. Once your rod is finished and in place, you can add some nice and bright, non-sewing curtains like this to complete your elaborate window treatment. about 3 small green woods

Barn door style shutters

Barn door style shutters.

These shutters are not actually barn doors, but they definitely look good with their desperate aesthetics. This concept really fits the room and fits perfectly with the traditional window inside. about instagram

Mason jar window treatment

Mason jar window treatment.

This is one of these windows, which are divided into many panels. Therefore, it makes sense to decorate some of the joints in the frame. The addition of mason jars carried by metal rings with flowers inside adds extra beauty to this space. about it started with color

Rustic rope DIY valance

Rustic rope DIY valance.

This valance is very interesting because it forms a great contrast to the window frame and the surrounding space. It definitely gives the room a rustic touch, as two massive, rich wooden panels secure several golden brown ropes that extend across the window. about refreshing

Simple roman shadow

Simple roman shadow.

It is probably optimistic to call a Roman shade simple, but the effect is really nice, and this patterned material is very forgiving, so it is definitely worth trying. This has also been made reversible, which means that you should end up with two color options that allow you to change the look of the window at will. about bowerpowerblog

DIY pallet wood vertical blinds

DIY pallet wood vertical blinds.

These blinds are very different again. They consist of pieces of pallet wood that hang vertically on a metal bar with matching metal rings. The mixture of wood colors and materials looks really good in the thick light window frame and can be pushed aside so that you can look outside. about Instructables

Update Roman Shades with fabric

Update Roman Shades with fabric.

This kitchen had some traditional Roman tones that looked a little dated. Therefore, they have been reworked with flower fabric that maintains the unique style of the blinds, but gives them a fun and colorful update. about remodelandolacasa

DIY industrial farmhouse window valance sign

DIY industrial farmhouse window valance sign.

There is no confusion with anything other than a farm kitchen. The valance is a large wooden “farmhouse” sign that is placed under a hose and decorated with an industrial wheel and a hook for the metal bucket. Potted plants and decorations hang on both sides of the window. about funkyjunkinteriors

DIY No-Sew Pink Pelmet boxes

DIY No-Sew Pink Pelmet boxes.

This Pelmet box has a really nice case shape and details. You can avoid sewing disasters by creating your wooden box and then gluing your pink fabric and black hem with the appropriate type of glue on it. about littlegreennotebook

Wooden and drape curtains

Wooden and drape curtains.

Again, it's not really about curtains, it's about a very decorative valance. The box is made of rich, dark solid wood, but has some light pink frills along its length on the underside. Simple thin curtains hang on the sides. about Huntandhost

DIY drop fabric curtains

DIY drop fabric curtains.

Well, these are real curtains made from this drop cloth material, but they hang on an exposed pole and hoop. They look a little heavy rolled up on the corner, but definitely fit the whole room. about lizmarie blog

DIY ribbon bandage valance

DIY ribbon bandage valance.

This valance is a little different because it looks more like a floral fabric shade. It has a ribbon in a complementary color that runs through so that it can be tied together to change the look or let in more light rachelsnest

DIY drop cloth smocked curtains

DIY drop cloth smocked curtains.

Dropcloth is not the most beautiful material, but these curtains are definitely impressive. The smocked pattern really gives the otherwise mild material detail and beauty. via Cedarhillfarmhouse

DIY door knob & industrial tube curtain rods

DIY door knob & industrial tube curtain rods.

This is another project for those who want something pretty impressive at a low price. The industrial copper tubes look very nice and luxurious in themselves, but the glass buttons at the end give this rod a delicate touch that goes very well with the white curtains. about inmyownstyle

Do not sew eyelet curtains

Do not sew eyelet curtains.

With the simple black bar, the large embedded metal holes and the bright pattern, these eyelet curtains look as if they belong in the shower. But they also look nice, especially because of the folds that the curtains create when they are pulled aside. about onlinefabricstore

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