DIY Spinner With Paper

DIY Spinner With Paper

DIY spinner with paper.

Spinners have become increasingly popular in recent years. Children are fascinated by the movements of the devices, adults find them relaxing and teenagers love to learn their spinner tricks and show them to their friends online and offline. There are all kinds of spinners, and new ones appear to be launched every day.

But while spinners are a simple, fun, and perhaps more important, non-digital form of entertainment, some people are not convinced of the idea of ​​wasting money on these types of toys.

The good news is that while there are many spinners on the market, you can just as easily make them yourself. Today we're going to teach you how to make a DIY spinner out of paper.

You only need two thick, colored pieces of paper that you fold over until you have the right shape for the helices of the spinner. You will then fold the two parts together until you get a four-pointed star. Finally, you need to pierce the center of your star with a nail that has a pearl at each end for it to rotate.

The fun starts as soon as everything is in order!