DIY Ideas for Farmhouse Decoration

DIY Ideas for Farmhouse Decoration

Farmhouse decoration is a style that has become increasingly popular in recent years.

This type of decoration is usually quite warm and cozy – as a farmhouse should be – and in particular has many distressed pieces of wood that allow homeowners to reuse family heirlooms and breathe new life into economical furniture.

However, this is not the approach we are taking on this issue today. We’ll show you how to get the same look on an equally limited budget, but use new and bespoke parts instead of old and economical items.

So if you are interested or are doing a country style renovation but need ideas, you can find just that here.

Scroll through to discover these Dollar Store DIY ideas for decorating farmhouses.

Old galvanized metal with vinegar, salt and peroxide

Old galvanized metal with vinegar, salt and peroxide.

If you want to make new planters look old, this is the way to go. The combination of abrasive materials will surely give your brand new planter a desperate look, making it look like home in your cottage garden. about littlehouseoffour

Industrial farmhouse drawers

Industrial farmhouse drawers.

This storage unit definitely mixes the industrial and farmhouse styles in a very successful way because the metal structure is industrial but the wood-like panels on the side evoke the peasant spirit. about littlehouseoffour

DIY farmhouse style vase holder

DIY farmhouse style vase holder.

The vase holder is purely rural due to the simplicity that is shown both by its structure and by its color. The open front is a very nice touch as you can see the actual vases inside. about Simplicity in the south

Spray Paint Thrift Store tableware

Spray Paint Thrift Store tableware.

It’s a pretty fun project, as the dishes on offer actually come from the thrift store, but instead of getting in trouble or staying the way they were, they were spray painted to match the aesthetics of the farmhouse. about Sincerely yours

DIY white washed wooden tray

DIY white washed wooden tray.

This wooden tray was originally shabby than a farmhouse, so it was appropriately whitewashed to get that light, yet inviting look. about Laserdidi’s Confessions

DIY vases from Dollar Store Cheese & Sugar Shakers

DIY vases from Dollar Store Cheese & Sugar Shakers.

Here’s a great creative idea. You can easily take any type of shaker and turn them into simple, tall, and narrow vases by removing the lids and giving them a new coat of paint. It works, as you can see. about sadieseasongoods

Vintage lockers from Dollar Store Plastic Bins

Vintage lockers from Dollar Store Plastic Bins.

This is another absolutely great idea, the finished product of which is completely unrecognizable. What you need to replicate this is to get some ugly plastic storage containers, paint them in steel or charcoal paint, and then add some vintage tags as the perfect finish. about Chiccalifornia

DIY industrial wire mail baskets

DIY industrial wire mail baskets.

These are great replacement products for a traditional mailbox, and they’re both easy and affordable to make. Take some wire baskets and paint them black. Then add a small wooden plate at the front. Complete the project by hanging your baskets on the wall and you can drop off the mail ahousefullofsunshine

DIY farmhouse kitchen canister

DIY farmhouse kitchen canister.

These beautiful canisters on the farm are made of old glasses that have been completely repainted in opaque white and decorated with quotes in vintage style to realize the dream of the farmer’s kitchen. about self-made

DIY lined woven baskets of dollar tree storage containers

DIY lined woven baskets of dollar tree storage containers.

Wondering how to turn plastic containers into perfect wicker baskets? It’s just a matter of threading a rope through the inside and outside of the basket until it’s completely covered. Then all you have to do is put a cloth in it and it’s ready to display food or whatever you choose. about busy happiness

DIY burlap baskets with plastic dollar store bins

DIY burlap baskets with plastic dollar store bins.

This project is even easier to complete than the previous one, since all you have to do is paint your basket dark brown and then cover the sides with burlap. A dark brown label on the front completes the piece. about simply made pretty

DIY hurricane lanterns from dollar store frames

DIY hurricane lanterns from dollar store frames.

This is a really brilliant idea as it turns frames into lamps. To build a lamp, 5 frames are required: one for each side, a support for the base and one that is artfully used to make the top of the pyramid. about grosgrainfab

Faux Galvanized Flower Pot with Dollar Store plastic bucket

Faux Galvanized Flower Pot with Dollar Store plastic bucket.

How do you make an upside down tower out of galvanized flower pots on a budget? Take plastic baskets and spray them before creating the wrong structure. Nobody will be able to tell the difference for sure. about Divaofdiy

DIY gold decorative ball from hula hoops

DIY gold decorative ball from hula hoops.

This is something you probably never thought of – but I wish you had. This intricate hollow golden decorative ball consists of 3 things: hula hoops, gold paint and glue. Thread the tires together, glue a little glue on the joints, and then all you have to do is spray and display your ball in gold. about House on the way

Wall art made from recycled cutlery and dollar store frames

Wall art made from recycled cutlery and dollar store frames.

Here’s another great example of a cheap farmhouse wall decor, as you only need a set of two-tone frames and some old – maybe even plastic cutlery – to display them. The end result is three-dimensional and completely suitable for the surroundings of the farmhouse. about spunkyjunky

Burlap-covered dollar vases

Burlap-covered dollar vases.

How to turn a cheap vase into an expensive piece. Cover the whole thing with natural-colored burlap and end it with a huge tulle or a net bow at the front. about French country cottage

Farmhouse Dollar Store Leaf Bowl

Farmhouse Dollar Store Leaf Bowl.

Leaf bowls like this are very trendy, but you are likely to pay a big premium for one in your usual business. You can instead buy a cheaper plastic and paint it because you get a very similar effect. about thecraftpatchblog

DIY wall decoration with dollar tree trays and stickers

DIY wall decoration with dollar tree trays and stickers.

These oval trays have beautifully inspiring quote wall decorations that have been repainted and decorated with stickers. They could also look as beautiful as they were, maybe in a different kind of decoration. about ashlibrooke83

DIY rope basket with Doallar Store plastic basket

DIY rope basket with Doallar Store plastic basket.

This is another shot of the plastic container that turns into a wicker basket, but this is even easier. Here two different thin ropes were wrapped around the outside of the piece to achieve the wicker basket effect. After refilling, you can not even notice that there is a plastic container in it. about iheartorganizing

DIY terrarium from dollar store frames

DIY terrarium from dollar store frames.

This project is another great example of skillful handling of frames. As with the lantern we looked at earlier, several frames, both in whole and in part, were used to build this beautiful terrarium. about Ellaclair inspired

Painted thrift candle holder

Painted thrift candle holder.

These candle holders were beautiful at first, but they were more for rustic than farmhouse decor, so they were completely painted in a smooth, opaque off-white that fits the style much better. about Setting for four

Dollar store frame rotated farmhouse wreath

Dollar store frame rotated farmhouse wreath.

Don’t be fooled by the title – nobody turns a frame into a wreath here. However, this frame has been completely redesigned and painted to provide the perfect background for the wreath and banner below. about Laserdidi’s Confessions

DIY hanging planter with dollar store buckets

DIY hanging planter with dollar store buckets.

These somewhat stacked planters hanging on the wall are very beautiful, so you probably wouldn’t suspect that they are just cheap baskets that have undergone a farmhouse renovation. about this rich life blog

DIY farmhouse style container from Thrift Store Funde

DIY farmhouse style container from Thrift Store Funde.

These containers are primarily glorified glasses, painted entirely in opaque white, the main color of the farmhouse palette, and then decorated with stenciled or pasted identifying words to create the perfect kitchen set. about twelve above all

Sisal Rope Thrift Store Basket

Sisal Rope Thrift Store Basket.

Here’s another great makeover of the container to the basket that was accomplished with a rope. The type of rope used and the technique used are definitely different in this case, and a blackboard label has been placed on the front to further distinguish them. about mylifefromhome

DIY jute vase

DIY jute vase.

This jute vase is another example of what you can do with a rope alone. The original vase was unusually shaped, but the clear glass style that you can find anywhere. However, the piece became very special after the rope was wrapped around the outside and the edge, giving it the unique look of a farmhouse. about Teachcraftlove

DIY mini bathroom vase

DIY mini bathroom vase.

Here is the perfect project for those who yearn for something simple. Take a small, rounded, fishbowl-style container and then paint it slightly metallic. Tie a thin rope around it and put your flowers in it to give your bathroom the feel of a farmhouse. about debbie-debbiedoos

DIY Tiered Trays from Thrift Store Frames

DIY Tiered Trays from Thrift Store Frames.

Here’s another incredibly clever idea that was brought to life using frames. The frames themselves were painted white after the glass was removed. The two were then connected by a complicated rod that was inserted through the middle of the two. about whattreasuresawait

Thrift store botanical art

Thrift store botanical art.

It is more common for us to reuse the frames that we find in thrift stores than art, but that’s exactly the case here. The prints were taken out of the frame and hung up like posters, with plastic or wooden supports at the top and bottom and a thin rope that was connected at the top for the actual hanging. about justagirlblog

Farmhouse Thrift Store Caddy Flower Box

Farmhouse Thrift Store Caddy Flower Box.

This vintage and obviously outdated caddy turned out to be a beautiful window box of a farmhouse because it was painted completely white and was newly decorated in a stylish way. about Laserdidi’s Confessions

DIY Rhinestone Glam Bookends with Thrift Store Wood Bookends

DIY Rhinestone Glam Bookends with Thrift Store Wood Bookends.

These bookends underwent a complete transformation because they were painted gray and then decorated with rhinestones on the side to achieve a special touch. about Setting for four

Doallar store vase with rope

Doallar store vase with rope.

Here is another example of how you can give every piece of glass a rustic feel with a rope. It’s big and brave, so it’s definitely a big feature of the project. about whimsical home garden

DIY rope candle holder

DIY rope candle holder.

Tall glass containers aren’t very interesting candle holders, but the story is completely different if you add a thick rope bottom, as you can see here. The holders fit perfectly with the theme of the tablet in which they are displayed. Via four generations on the roof