DIY Easter Outdoor Decorations

DIY Easter Outdoor Decorations

Easter is a spring holiday. This is also one of the first opportunities for families to enjoy nature together at the beginning of the year.

Some may prefer to spend Easter away, or at least go out for a day, while others choose to host their own events.

If you have the whole family on Easter Sunday, you’d better do it outdoors so you are likely to have more people and children and pets can roam freely. However, this means that you have to decorate your garden for this occasion.

If you are a busy person who doesn’t like to get your hands dirty, you can just buy everything in the store. However, if you’re a frugal and smart guy, this article is for you.

We have developed some DIY outdoor Easter decorations that you can surely recreate for your own Easter events.

DIY burlap bunny

DIY burlap bunny.

This burlap bunny is really adorable and can look beautiful not only under the plants but also on tables. You can probably find something similar in stores, but it’s easy enough to do – you just need to cut your two pieces of sackcloth out of a stencil, then stuff and connect them before decorating them with buttons, yarn, and other crafting materials. about sowanddipity

Easter egg flowerpot made from recycled plastic

Easter egg flowerpot made from recycled plastic.

This flower pot was decorated in a unique way. To restore it, you need to find some used plastic eggs in different colors that you cut and glue all around the pot to get the colorful egg mosaic effect. about Adayinmotherhood

DIY Easter topiary tree

DIY Easter topiary tree.

There are Christmas trees and now there are also Easter trees. It has several pastel-colored eggs nested between its branches and leaves, which gives it its recognizable appearance. A patterned bow around the stem completes this piece. about

Moss Bunny Canvas Art

Moss Bunny Canvas Art.

This is definitely a very different and unique version of the Easter decoration as a canvas was covered with burlap and then a rabbit with moss was created on it. The decorations at the foot of the canvas complete the elegant look. about creative at home

DIY Easter bunny planters

DIY Easter bunny planters.

This veranda has rabbits everywhere and it looks really good. In a marine basket, someone hangs on the door like a wreath flanked by two matching large marine planters. A lantern style decoration with a white rabbit inside over each planter. about the seasonal house

Upcycled framed blackboard spring sign

Upcycled framed blackboard spring sign.

This panel is pretty typical, except for the plant accent, the little egg nest on the corner, and the blue highlights, like the handle, which clearly identifies it as a spring and Easter decoration. about Sugarpiefarmhouse

Hope Easter wreath board

Hope Easter wreath board.

This “Hope” board is both classy and beautiful as well as colorful and fun. The back is made of solid and rich wood, and the letters are all clear and white, except for the “O”, which is made from a wreath of yellow flowers with a blue bow. Matching flower pots and an egg basket complete the scene. about fynesdesigns

Pastel egg wreath with bow

Pastel egg wreath with bow.

This wreath is a great example of how to make something traditional look cute. The base is your typical round shape, crowned with green, but then it’s almost completely covered with colored eggs and finished off with a large patterned bow, making it look absolutely adorable. The small flowers, which look like lace on the edge, only intensify the effect. about apumpkinandaprincess

Wooden Easter bunny and chicken planter

Wooden Easter bunny and chicken planter.

These wooden rabbit and chicken planters are really something else. Basically, they are large wooden rabbit or chicken silhouettes, to which a base and a plant holder have been added, making them a fantastic decoration for the outdoors. The arrangements themselves are also fantastic as they are shaped to match the characteristics of the planter and contain small details like the burlap bow on the chicken, which really enhances the effect. about stylowi

Watering can and lantern flower display

Watering can and lantern flower display.

Here are two very special ways to view plants. The watering can has only been changed slightly so that it retains its shape, but now bunches of beautiful flowers come from both the top and the lip. The lantern appears to envelop a mixture of egg cells and plants. A small egg nest can also be seen in a transparent box that builds up the watering can. about

Chalk bunny paw prints

Chalk bunny paw prints.

Here’s another really cute decorative detail, especially for children’s parties. These colorful rabbit paw prints can be used to welcome your guests or to guide them in a specific way. Because they are made of chalk, they are easy to wash out, but may look a little messy when people step on them.

Easter peeps yard decoration

Easter peeps yard decoration.

Easter looks are a typical American tradition, so you’ll need to incorporate them into your decor, and this is a great way to do that. They are scattered across this station and some seem to be floating in the air, while a small handmade sign with flowers wishes everyone a happy Easter.

DIY giant looks

DIY giant looks.

These aren’t edible looks as you can imagine, but they’re just as delicious. They look very adorable when they sit on the plants, with their foamy texture, bright colors and slender bows around their necks.

DIY rustic wooden bunny

DIY rustic wooden bunny.

This rustic wooden bunny is a pretty piece of garden and easy to make because most of its body parts are just natural wooden slices of different sizes. You have to carve the ears and add your own whiskers, but otherwise all you have to do is get the wood and put it together. about Momunleashed

Yarn egg garland

Yarn egg garland.

This garland is incredibly adorable and fairly easy to make. All you need is several thread colors that you soak in a glue mixture to harden and wrap around an egg-shaped object. As soon as it has hardened, you can free your impressive colorful yarn eggs and string them together in a garland. about modpodgerocksblog

DIY wire basket planters and ladder plant stand

DIY wire basket planters and ladder plant stand.

Ladder stands are pretty cool for a number of reasons, and this is no exception as all plants are held by wire baskets that create a spiral look. A huge silver rabbit complements this area very well and brings the Easter spirit into play. about frommyfrontporchtoyours

Grapevine topiary

Grapevine topiary.

This topiary may not look like Easter right away, but it’s in the details, like the little pearls in the colorful vine, the light blue color of the decorated pot, and the eggs that fill it. Via aglimpseinsideblog

Easter urn planter

Easter urn planter.

This dark urn planter could have been pretty tough and severe, but the yellow flowers and tiny egg nest give it the spring flair it needs. about serendipityrefined

Bunny egg cart decoration

Bunny egg cart decoration.

Well, this wagon is not only red, but also covered with flowers and is occupied by a little friend who is comfortably wrapped in a colorful cocoon. The life-size rabbit on the back ends this Easter scene in style, as it appears to be ready to push the car forward. about between breaks

DIY wooden yard carrots

DIY wooden yard carrots.

The sign might ask the rabbits to look for the carrots that peek out of the ground, but while they look appetizing, the rabbits can lose their teeth as they are made of wood and are professionally painted to look like real business.

Giant Easter Topiary Eggs

Giant Easter Topiary Eggs.

This is a striking Easter topiary! To make your own, you need to find some large colorful decorative eggs, choose your plant, and then put a stick in the middle. Glue your eggs along the stick and add a few floral details to tie everything together and finish your piece. about celebrate and decorate

Easter cross for the yard

Easter cross for the yard.

This project is more on the religious side of Easter because a cross was installed in the garden and draped with purple fabric as it would have been in the church. A small decorative bunny nearby will only raise the serious tone a little. about

Spring flowers and Easter egg arrangements

Spring flowers and Easter egg arrangements.

These watering can arrangements are quite reminiscent of another decoration we looked at. They have flowers that come out from above, but then they are propped up on open boxes with an arrangement of eggs and vegetables inside. An egg chain surrounds the box, which stands on antique furniture.

Colorful easter eggs adorned tree

Colorful easter eggs adorned tree.

Some trees may not bloom until later in spring, so you can decorate the branches with eggs and chicks to breathe life into the plant until it blooms again. about between breaks

Garden Easter flowers Easter arrangement

Garden Easter flowers Easter arrangement.

These flower baskets are all about Easter, with the bunny heads sticking out in front of the plants, large patterned bows tied around the handles, and even some shiny eggs half hidden on the sides. about etsy

DIY burlap Easter flag

DIY burlap Easter flag.

This Easter flag is a great way to celebrate in a muted style. The burlap forms a robust and embroidered but neutral base for the bunny silhouette, which you can create with fabric or a sticker. Once that’s done, all you have to do is display it on a flagpole. about Consumer goods

DIY Easter egg tree

DIY Easter egg tree.

Now this could really go as a Christmas tree, but at Easter. You have a big bow as a topper, something like a grapevine wrapped around it and of course beautifully colored egg trimmings hanging on the tree, just as you would expect.

DIY chunky bunnies

DIY chunky bunnies.

These chunky bunnies are strangely cute and just the way they look – wooden blocks, painted and decorated to look like little bunnies, complete with a button for nose and bows instead of ears. about foodfunfamily

Front door with easter egg garland

Front door with easter egg garland.

This garland is pretty easy to make. All you have to do is thread your pompoms or eggs through two red pieces of ribbon and leave a little tassel at the end. Drape one on each side of your door and tie the two in a bow in the middle to complete your decoration. about familyfocusblog