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Creative Cutlery Storage Solutions

Creative Cutlery Storage Solutions

Cutlery is a very large category of utensils that is used both for preparation and for eating. While cutlery is often beautiful and valued, butcher knives are meant for use rather than beauty.

Cutlery must be stored carefully and appropriately for several reasons. For example, silverware tends to tarnish. On the other hand, sharp knives should never be left with exposed blades, otherwise they could hurt someone.

There are many ways to store cutlery. So it's pretty difficult to be really original and come up with something you've never seen before. However, it is possible, and that's what this article is meant to prove to you.

Browse through our gallery of creative cutlery storage solutions if you want to keep your utensils in a truly unique way.

DIY cutlery Caddy with painted cans

DIY cutlery Caddy with painted cans.

This caddy is fairly easy to manufacture and can be achieved by upcycling multiple parts. They will use cans as holders for your cutlery and they will be nailed to a wooden board that could possibly be reclaimed. You can add a hanging belt and labels to mark each holder as a finishing touch. about Lilyardor

Double-layer drawer organization

Double-layer drawer organization.

If you want to keep all your cutlery together and want to make the most of a deep drawer, this is the way to go. Buy or build two flat wooden organizers the size of your drawer, then stack them in and leave the most commonly used cutlery on top and the rest on the bottom layer. about remodelandolacasa

DIY tin cutlery set Caddy

DIY tin cutlery set Caddy.

This caddy is really cool and not too complex to make. The cutlery is arranged in cans according to categories and stored in a newly painted tray, in which each category is labeled in the front in the chalkbard style. about Pastel and macaroons

Chalky finish tin cutlery holder

Chalky finish tin cutlery holder.

These cutlery holders were made from cans that were painted lime gray matt gray. They are kept in a kind of box made of small pallet wood for a beautiful country kitchen style. about Family architecture

Wooden pallet cutlery holder

Wooden pallet cutlery holder.

This cutlery organizer looks really rustic, because each individual holder is a box made of pallet wood with all its natural markings. All boxes are attached to the wall along a board made of suitable wood. about Instructables

DIY painted tin cutlery holder

DIY painted tin cutlery holder.

This holder set again consists of reused cans that have been painted in pastel colors and labeled in a somewhat rustic style so that every utensil can be easily found. about home dzine

DIY cutlery holder with mason jar and wood

DIY cutlery holder with mason jar and wood.

These differ significantly from what we have seen so far. They are mason jars instead of cans and were painted solid white for this project. Each holder is attached to a piece of dark wood with a metal ring, making it pretty secure. The matching flower vase on the top right and the picture "Eat" are beautiful decorative details. about Tarynwhiteaker

Glass mason jar 3 section cutlery Caddy

Glass mason jar 3 section cutlery Caddy.

It was a brilliant idea to use this holder, which was probably intended for something completely different, as a cutlery caddy. In each of the compartments there is a mason jar that can be used to separate spoons, forks and knives. about Ebay

Mason Jar Utensils Caddy

Mason Jar Utensils Caddy.

This caddy looks really cool and was completely made to measure. The board in the middle has been cut, shaped and painted to give the textured look shown in the picture and a handle so it can be easily moved. Then two hose clamps were attached to each side and filled with painted mason jars that hold and organize the kitchen utensils. about little house soul

Radiator screen and PVC pipes cutlery holder

Radiator screen and PVC pipes cutlery holder.

These PVC utensil holders are gorgeous and you will probably never guess what they are made of: PVC for the holders themselves and a radiator screen for the stunning metallic exterior. Everyone who sees them will want them! about Prettyhandygirl

Milk bottle holder Turned cutlery holder

Milk bottle holder Turned cutlery holder.

This wire basket was originally supposed to hold milk bottles, but a very ingenious mind found some appropriately sized mason jars and turned the piece into a simple and functional cutlery holder. about happy

Clever hidden utensil caddies

Clever hidden utensil caddies.

This idea is pretty cool. The drawers of this cabinet have been converted into a tall box with circular openings to serve as cutlery holder, but the illusion of having two drawers instead of just one deep one was held in front with two linked fake drawers with matching pulls. about Woodwork

Folding container

Folding container.

This is the ideal project for those who have little space and lots of cutlery to store. The container keeps and organizes the entire cutlery in a compact way and can be easily folded out so that everything is accessible when needed.

Fintorp Basket Utensil Storage from IKEA

Fintorp Basket Utensil Storage from IKEA.

This idea is rather original, as it uses a frame on which the genius has hung some Ikea baskets with their cutlery and a matching tea towel. about Amazon

Dollar store bins cutlery drawers organization

Dollar store bins cutlery drawers organization.

This is an organization rather than a storage idea. Long, slim plastic containers were used here to separate the cutlery items by type in their respective drawer. about theelmlife

DIY mason jar crate

DIY mason jar crate.

This is something we saw before, but something different. This stained wooden box contains several mason jars, in which there is cutlery. To add some color to the setup, the owner also added some flowers to the cutlery store. about Shanty-2-chic

DIY gold lacquered cutlery mason jars

DIY gold lacquered cutlery mason jars.

These are definitely not your average mason jar cutlery holder. They have been painted in a completely opaque, luxurious yellow gold and have 3D etchings, probably from the original contents of the glass, that enhance the effect. Maybe not ideal for those who don't want to mix metals, but the cutlery will look cooler in there. about cleverpinkpirate

Jeans pockets became cutlery

Jeans pockets became cutlery.

We call this a brilliant idea. These jeans pockets have been transformed into small fabric bags, with which the kitchen utensils in their drawer can be organized and separated in a very modern way.

Hanging kitchen utensil holder with mason jars

Hanging kitchen utensil holder with mason jars.

These mason jars were painted pastel blue and hung on the wall with chains, so they serve as some of the coolest cutlery holders on the market, as the metal gives an otherwise traditional project an industrial feel.

Deep Kitchen cutlery drawer

Deep Kitchen cutlery drawer.

The special thing about this cutlery drawer is that it is much deeper than usual and the sections consist of identical wooden squares, in which all parts are kept standing.

Cutlery holder made of aluminum cans

Cutlery holder made of aluminum cans.

This is a cute example of how to turn cans into cutlery holders as they were painted pastel blue, then decorated with scrapbooking tape and tied in the middle with a bow. about myneisslife

Triple bucket with handle for utensils

Triple bucket with handle for utensils.

It's probably the easiest project you'll see here. All you have to do is find some aluminum buckets, disinfect them and put your cutlery upright. However, if you prefer, you can adjust the buckets at any time for a less obvious look. about Craftsman savings

Built-in cutlery drawer with drawer separators

Built-in cutlery drawer with drawer separators.

This is your traditional embedded cutlery drawer, except for the partitions, which have a smooth, corrugated edge. They are probably tailor-made, but you may also be able to find or make your own.

Creative DIY cutlery drawers with angled drawer dividers

Creative DIY cutlery drawers with angled drawer dividers.

This example is very similar to the previous one, except that the partitions are mounted diagonally, which makes this organizational style look even more original. about adrianmakes

Mason jar storage box

Mason jar storage box.

This colorful caddy consists of mason jars, which are painted in different colors and held together by a thick rope, which makes it look almost nautical. about onekriegerchick

Holder for table and jute silver

Holder for table and jute silver.

These holders are pretty simple mason jars, with the exception of the jute in the middle and the vintage-style table labels on the front. about thepinningmama

Ceramic flower pots cutlery holder

Ceramic flower pots cutlery holder.

If you can store cutlery with buckets, you can also do this with ceramic pots. These look like brand new and have been labeled on the front with white letters, which are painted in a funny font. about julieblanner

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