Accent Wall DIY Ideas

Accent Wall DIY Ideas

Accent walls are a great way to spice up any room. They are usually quite unexpected and stand out wonderfully from the surrounding space. Accent walls can simply be decorative, but they can also serve certain purposes. They can be used to provide a different background for a special piece or to add color in a neutral toned room.

Accent walls can be made in many ways. They can be painted in a contrasting color, can be provided with a quote or pattern and they can also be made from a different material. There are many ways to create an accent wall that you may or may not know about, and we want to show you that. We present you these DIY ideas for accent walls.

Reclaimed barnwood herringbone wall

Reclaimed barnwood herringbone wall.

This rustic accent wall looks absolutely gorgeous as slender planks of recycled barn wood have been used to create a herringbone pattern that adds dimension to the entire room. about Shanty-2-chic

DIY wood accent wall

DIY wood accent wall.

The black accent wall is very impressive as a sublime geometric pattern was created from very thin pieces of wood before everything was painted. The black wall fits perfectly with the almost futuristic room decoration and offers a fantastic background for the furniture, especially the bed. about classyclutter

Accent wall made of mint, pink and metallic gold

Accent wall made of mint, pink and metallic gold.

It is a completely different accent wall that is obviously intended to add color to the room. Here, wooden boards in mint green tones and various shades of pink were used, and an accent was also embedded in the actual accent wall, using metallic gold boards in the pastel colors. about Traceysfancy

DIY triangle design faux wallpaper

DIY triangle design faux wallpaper.

This black and white accent wall has a very vintage charm. Nobody can blame you if you think this was done with wallpaper, but the look was actually achieved with several black vinyl triangles. about classyclutter

DIY stone accent wall

DIY stone accent wall.

The accent wall looks as if it came directly from nature or at another time. It consists of small stone rectangles in different shades that are stacked together to achieve this unique look. about providenthome design

Gray shiplap style accent wall

Gray shiplap style accent wall.

The dark shiplap style wall looks very elegant in the room where it was installed. However, the modern gray look was not achieved with Shiplap, but with real wooden boards that were stacked and painted dark gray to emulate Shiplap. about behr

DIY Honeycomb Hexagon wall treatment

DIY Honeycomb Hexagon wall treatment.

Here is another 3D accent wall made from very thin pieces of wood. Several hollow hexagons were created here to form a honeycomb pattern. Some of the hexagons were painted yellow and orange to accent the accent wall. about vintage revivals

Chevron herringbone accent wall

Chevron herringbone accent wall.

This accent wall is much narrower than others we've looked at and serves as the background for the couch. The herringbone plate, which has a somewhat tribal look, was made from light pieces of pallet wood that were placed diagonally one above the other to create the pattern. A small space was left between the rows, and a circular opening was also created to let the background shine through. about Iron and wine

DIY faux brick wall

DIY faux brick wall.

The beautiful accent wall looks like brick, but the effect was actually created by very clever painting. This option is much easier and less expensive than trying to build a real accent wall. about myfrenchtwist

Diamond accent wall with adhesive tape

Diamond accent wall with adhesive tape.

Here is another very clever painting project. Masking tape was used to create the diamond pattern before painting the wall, leaving the white, sharp lines untouched when the tape was removed after the wall was completely dry. about thefrugalhomemaker

DIY birch wall panel

DIY birch wall panel.

This birch wall is absolutely beautiful. It consists of identical birch slices, arranged to fill the entire room, and treated to achieve a uniform look and smooth surface. about marthastewart

Reading corner with wooden board wall

Reading corner with wooden board wall.

In this reading corner in a small wall niche there is a very pleasant and calming atmosphere. The wall made of wooden boards, on which three lanterns were hung, has the warm, cozy and intimate feeling that is ideal for reading and napping on the couch underneath. about studio gray house

DIY wood diamond wall

DIY wood diamond wall.

This charcoal wall was decorated with a raised diamond pattern, which differs somewhat from others, since the hollow wood diamonds are placed sporadically, but each column is connected by a single piece of thin wood. about makethemwonderblog

3D effect background image accent wall

3D effect background image accent wall.

The three-dimensional accent wall tries to successfully copy the style of popular 3D wall panels with craft materials. The various shapes were created by stacking pieces of different thicknesses, and the whole was then finished with a layer of white paint so that everything looks seamless. about homelessness

Handwriting statement wall

Handwriting statement wall.

This striking black and white accent wall was actually created with real handwriting. It takes a lot of work, but the customization options are endless, the result is really nice and this wall is really unique. The best thing is that although this is supposed to last, you can easily paint over mistakes. about a nice mess

Shutter wall

Shutter wall.

Here is a fantastic way to reuse old shutters and create a really unique wall. Stack them in different positions to fill the space and create an original and colorful pattern. about oliveandlove

DIY whitewashed pallet wall

DIY whitewashed pallet wall.

Pallet walls are very easy, quick and inexpensive to manufacture, but do not always match the surrounding decor. You can change their look and make the wall fit for a pastel room by washing the entire surface white. about alexsismae

Peel and glue wood planking accent wall

Peel and glue wood planking accent wall.

Making a pallet wall is never easier than peeling and gluing self-adhesive wood. This wall in particular was painted with black and white paint in order to achieve a distinctive appearance. about no29design

DIY Metallic Heart Feature wall

DIY Metallic Heart Feature wall.

This metallic gold wall is a feminine shabby chic dream as cute heart patterns were created before painting so the original wall can shine through the hearts afterwards. via threelittlemonkeysstudio

DIY Faux Brick Wall world map

DIY Faux Brick Wall world map.

This is definitely a project for those who love geography, as the wall was painted to look like dark bricks and then decorated with the faint impression of a white world map overlay. about classyclutter

Wooden pallet accent wall

Wooden pallet accent wall.

via Shadesofblueinteriors

DIY palette accent wall

DIY palette accent wall.

via cape27blog

DIY brick veneer accent wall

DIY brick veneer accent wall.

about veranda

Stencil accent wall

Stencil accent wall.

about Northernbellediaries

Herringbone accent wall

Herringbone accent wall.

about economical and elegant

Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall.

about flickr

Artificial boxwood accent wall

Artificial boxwood accent wall.

about Easiest

DIY lace accent wall

DIY lace accent wall.

via Dearbeautifulyou

DIY scalloped wood accent wall

DIY scalloped wood accent wall.

about classyclutter

Accent wall made of gold and white scallop

Accent wall made of gold and white scallop.

via interiorsbykenz

Blue stencil wall

Blue stencil wall.

about iheartnaptime

Gold polka dot accent wall

Gold polka dot accent wall.

about the smithy

DIY geometric shape wall

DIY geometric shape wall.

about Chicacircle

DIY gray striped walls

DIY gray striped walls.

about lessthanperfectlifeofbliss

DIY wood accent wall

DIY wood accent wall.

about fifty two designs

DIY easy peel and stick wooden wall

DIY easy peel and stick wooden wall.

about momtastic

DIY scalloped accent wall

DIY scalloped accent wall.

about classyclutter

Board and lath accent wall

Board and lath accent wall.

about Thriftydecorchick

DIY painted accent plank wall

DIY painted accent plank wall.

about Lovelyetc

DIY Herringbone Plank Wall Upcyled from an ugly old fence

DIY Herringbone Plank Wall Upcyled from an ugly old fence.

about designertrapped

DIY wood striped wall

DIY wood striped wall.

about Tarynwhiteaker

Laminate flooring on walls

Laminate flooring on walls.

about Foxhollowcottage

Branch wood accent wall

Branch wood accent wall.

about DIY network

Paneled wall

Paneled wall.

about houseofturquoise

Wooden wall with $ 1.67 fence boards and newly covered junk furniture paint

Wooden wall with $ 1.67 fence boards and newly covered junk furniture paint.

about rethunkjunkbylaura

Painted accent wall with Gentleman's Gray by Benjamin Moore

Painted accent wall with Gentleman's Gray by Benjamin Moore.

about zdesignathome

Ombre Squares accent wall

Ombre Squares accent wall.

about Thriftydecorchick

Corner herringbone accent wall

Corner herringbone accent wall.

about rustictrades

DIY ombre scallop wall

DIY ombre scallop wall.

about Grauhaus

Ombre scallop accent wall

Ombre scallop accent wall.

about Everyday life is vacation

DIY mountain wall wall

DIY mountain wall wall.

about Home therapy

Pallets or old barn wood for an accent wall

Pallets or old barn wood for an accent wall.

about decomanitas

Washi Tape Patterned Wall Paper

Washi Tape Patterned Wall Paper.

about Everythingemilyblog

DIY rustic tin wall

DIY rustic tin wall.

about Knickoftime

Recycled rustic Barnwood accent wall

Recycled rustic Barnwood accent wall.

about instagram

Plank Mudroom Wall

Plank Mudroom Wall.

about houzz

White brick accent wall in the bathroom

White brick accent wall in the bathroom.

about Huntandhost

Black and white striped wall

Black and white striped wall.

about Jacquelynclark

Blackboard accent wall

Blackboard accent wall.

about our vintage home love

Peel and glue the accent wall

Peel and glue the accent wall.

about austinapartmentsnow

DIY herringbone wall with stikwood

DIY herringbone wall with stikwood.

about Kristimurphy

DIY herringbone wood paneled wall

DIY herringbone wood paneled wall.

about Makelyhome

DIY accent wall with plywood

DIY accent wall with plywood.

about Divaofdiy

Eye-catching Regency Stacked Stone Faux Panels accent wall

Eye-catching Regency Stacked Stone Faux Panels accent wall.

about Faux panels

DIY Reclaimed Herringbone Accent Wall

DIY Reclaimed Herringbone Accent Wall.

about the created house

DIY Instax wallpaper

DIY Instax wallpaper.

about a nice mess